• Entry Level Cand​idate:  $1500.00 - $3500 based upon role

  • Entry Level Management/Experienced Administrative Support (2 years + experience) 12% -15% of gross salary/wage based upon contract. 

  • Director/Management- 12-20% of gross salary based upon length of contract

  • Executive C-Suite- Negotiable based upon industry standards and length of contract

  • ​Contractor/sub-contractors: Negotiated based upon length of contract.

Payment Terms:  

  • 15 calendar days (net of hire date)


Franchise Consulting Fees

  • Franchise consulting fees to franchisee candidates are at NO COST.  NEI is paid by the franchisor after franchisee has completed the franchise process. 

  • ​Franchise presentations/seminars to city management for economic and business development initiatives: $3,500 plus costs (Daily Travel Cost:  $800/day + Travel Expenses - Airline, Hotel, Car, Food, Gas, Parking and any related costs) 

Talent Acquisition Fee Schedule

NEI Services: Talent Acquisition & Franchise Consulting