Franchise Candidates

Finding the right candidate to purchase a Franchise is a lengthy process and NEI strategically pre-screens all candidates based upon investment capital, net worth, credit worthiness, and ability to follow a proven business model.

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We Connect

We strive to connect people and business together.  We believe in strategic relationship and business alliance development connecting the best people to the best business opportunity so all clients are successful.  We will work to improve your organization, company culture, and your ability to succeed as our clients. Find out how we can help you and your business today and contact our office.  Whether you are a Franchisor looking for a Franchisee, A Company or Organization looking for Exceptional Talent....NEI is here to help!

Curt B. Nordal, JD | President/CEO of NEI

Our Goal

Our goal is simple: To bring people and business together to improve peoples lives whether you are purchasing a Franchise or looking for Talent to grow your Company, Department or Division.


NEI can find Cyber-Security professionals from Chief Information Security Officers  (CISO) to Network Security Specialists with CNC, GIAC, & CHFI certifications to help protect your most valuable assets and propriety data.  

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Our Strengths

Develop A Relationship with NEI

We are paid based upon our performance. If we deliver a quality Franchisee Candidate OR we deliver a quality Corporate Employee...we get paid...when we deliver.  Simple! 


Curt has spent his entire career developing strategic alliances to network and bring people together at all levels. Franchise &Talent Acquisition Consulting allows Curt to focus his professional services and talents in helping people and organizations at all levels to come together to form strategic alliances, professional relationships, and to enhance workforce and economic development.  Curt truly enjoys finding talent at all levels to help a company grow and prosper.  Curt also works with companies who are downsizing to help C-Suite to Management Level employees find a new career, position or help them purchase a small business within Franchising. Curt works with Municipalities and Government Entities to enhance economic development by bringing small businesses to cities and towns in need of small business development. Curt also specializes in Cyber-Security and working with clients to find Network Security Specialists from Chief Information Security Specialists (CISO) to Network Security Specialists with CNC, GIAC, CHFI and other related Certifications and Credentials. To work with Curt  give him a call (951.970.8064) or send him an email. @   To see all of Curt's Franchise Consulting Services and a List of 400+ Franchise Partners please visit

Find Talent

Finding and hiring dependable employees can be exhausting. We'll simplify and develop a hiring process that is cost effective and delivers quality candidates