​​Services @ NEI

Nordal Enterprises Inc. (NEI)  is focused on strategically bringing assets to investments, people to businesses, and success to people in order to develop strategic alliances and professional relationships to Change People's Lives!  Are you ready to change your life?  Call NEI now to get started.


NEI's Strategic Alliances Brings Exceptional People and Businesses Together......We Change Peoples Lives!


NEI provides Talent Acquistion, Infrastructure Development, Executive Search and Recruiting Services to Companies, Organizations, Franchises, Start-Ups, and Public Sector Agencies looking to fill open roles at all levels.  We have pipelines built to supply us with exceptional candidates at all levels from C-Suite to Entry Level.   See our Fee Schedule under Services.  Bottomline: We don't get paid until we perform and deliver, and NEI can lower your Cost of Acquisition.  

Clients: Start-Up's - Corporations - Franchises - PE/VC Firms - Executives - Government - Law Firms

​Industries:  Alternative Energy | IT-Cyber-Security | Medical | Manufacturing | Construction | Legal


NEI works with Small Business Owners, Investors, PE/VC Firms, Existing  Franchisees, City Government and Corp. Executives to find Franchises that match their investment criteria, goals/objectives, lifestyle, business development plans, and ownership style. Master Franchise and Area Developer Business Models are available with select Franchises.  Call or email Curt Nordal to get started.